Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Double Day and a Weird Feeling

Mild temps, a dog and a desire to get the base mileage back up all conspired to get me out the door twice today.

Time: 39 minutes (a.m.); 1:11 (p.m.) - Total: 1:50
Distance: 4.1 miles (a.m.); 8.45 miles (p.m.) - Total: 12.55 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Average
Weather: Sunny and cool

This was the third time in my nascent running career where I managed to get out twice in the same day for a run. The presence of the Dog to Be Named Later certainly has been the impetus for the last two doubles. Can't say I particularly enjoy the doubles, but appreciate that they can be valuable, certainly as I try and rebuild my mileage base after a sub-par late fall/winter.

The weird thing, though, after just two doubles, I suddenly am feeling the urge to complain about the lack of prize money in ultrarunning and about race directors that don't offer elite runners coveted entry slots ahead of all those slower guys. This is weird.  I'm sure it will pass. Back to one-a-days tomorrow!

Dog was solid on the a.m. run. She set a nice pace on the leash, never really pulling, expect for a time or two when she really wanted to go meet a dog she could see ahead. I'm enjoying running with the dog. Eager for the Meadow View luge run to melt and dry out so we can do the regular loop at Elk Meadow Open Space.

Evening run was from the house into Elk Meadow, down Sleepy S, up Painters Pause, over to the Rec Center and then down Troublesome Gulch, through the Hiwan 'hood and home via Bergen Peak Drive.

1,373 feet o' elevation gain.


  1. right! why won't the let elite runners into every race they want!? competition! rabble rabble!

  2. "Back to one-a-days tomorrow!"
    Nah, those are 2 doubles back-to-back. Take a nap on the trail or grab a beer in the middle if you want to get technical about it...

  3. Mike - right on. Naps and beer. Two things that make running easier.

    Brandon - I wish I had no body complaints! Still got the same two niggles (left heel and right lower ab). Both are being managed (ice and night splint for the heel and acupuncture and crossed fingers for the ab).