Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sanitas Valley and a Request For Help

Mt. Sanitas was tantalizing close, but the watch did not lie. Not enough time for more than a couple trips around the Sanitas Valley circuit.

Time:  39:54
Distance: 4.7 miles
Effort:  Easy
Body: Fair
Weather: Sunny and cool

With JP on a biz trip, today was a day of running...mostly figuratively, though.

Barely had a minute to breath today between a busy day at work, an acupuncture (more on that in a later post) appointment, a Mountain Area Land Trust board meeting, jP's basketball practice and CP's Girl Scouts gathering. Things finally slowed down at 6:30 p.m.

Somewhere in between the day's fun, I squeezed in 40 minutes of real fun running up the Sanitas Valley a couple of times. The first ascent was up the Valley Trail, returning down the Dakota Ridge Trail. Then, I turned around and ran the same loop in reverse. Perfect running weather in Boulder today. Chilly, but not cold.

Starting to feel a bit better. Nice easy run today. Ended the run wishing I had time for more, but 40 minutes was all I could squeeze in. I was thinking this run would have been perfect for this gal:

A dog to be named later.
We met this year-and-a-half year old dog this weekend at the local grocery store. The Evergreen Animal Protection League had brought several dogs and cats they had available for adoption. We had been thinking a while about getting a dog. The opportunity came up to "foster" this one (and keep her if the test drive goes well) and we took it.  So far, so good.  She's been out on a couple of two-mile walks. She did great. Hung close to us, didn't pull on the leash, played well with other dogs and wanted more trail time.  A trail dog to be?  We'll see. We took her Monday in to be spayed, so I haven't yet taken her out for a jog.  She came from New Mexico, where she was slated for euthanasia before volunteers from Colorado went down and picked her up.

One problem...we have so far failed to come up with a name that fits. The EAPL folks call her Angel. That's not going to work.  So, she needs a new name. "Dog" ain't cuttin' it.  Any ideas?


  1. THAT

    Wow. She looks sweet.

    But I am a sucker for those. Aussie? Or an Aussie mix?

    I'd say ano because of your blog, but I will go with the feminine and defer to Anna.

  2. She's a mix. Everyone 'round here seems to think she's got some Aussie in of the things that caught our eye since we have been looking at getting an Aussie (still might). Good name suggestion. Thanks, GZ.

  3. "Dog" is a cutie! Could totally see that Aussie in her. I'm with GZ, a total sucker for this breed. However I'll stay away from name suggestions since I've already got denied once in the past week.

  4. JY - Your name decisions have much great significance than ours! How's the elbow?

  5. Call her Toni, with an "I", which is a cool girls name. Of course with the name Toni she's going to have to be a mountain dog, and you'll have to let her facial hair grow out...

  6. Cool dog. If she were part husky I'd say Su, short for Susitna (just happen to have been reading about the race lately).

    If she's Aussie, then Sheila! That's probably too obvious.

    Honestly, I tend to name pets with people nicknames you'd probably never give a pet. My last cats two were Chuck and Marty.

  7. Sweet dog! Aussies/Aussie mix are my favorite. I have to admit the dog is the reason I get my ass outside in the morning. Lets get out soon.

  8. Congrats Jim & family. I bet the kids are loving her. I can't get enough of dogs with unique markings. I grew up with labs, so when I see dogs with spots and colors around the eyes, I want one! If we're going with bland names, I think "Pet" would got great with your last name. I can just see your posts now about going running with PP. Okay, I'll stop offering suggestions now.

  9. Woody - that made me laugh out loud.