Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to the Treadmill

Run-of-the-mill treadmill dash.

Time:  55 minutes
Distance: 7 miles
Effort: Some hard
Body:  Fair
Weather: Indoors

Lots of new snow and single digit temps did little for my motivation to run outside, so I once again hit the treadmill at the rec center.

Did 2 miles at 8:27 w/u, then 1x1 mile at 5:42, 2x800 meters at 5:15, 1x1 mile at 6:58 and the rest was easy c/d and recovery between the intervals.

The first 5:42 mile hurt. Wasn't feeling whippy today, which is why I shifted to the 800s. I upped the pace for them, but was happy to not being doing miles.  I slept poorly last night, which is what I'll attribute my sub-par effort to.  I'm working on a list of other excuses for future use.

Left heel felt good on the run and just a touch of soreness later.

1 comment:

  1. A poor nights sleep will do that, but I'm pretty sure it's more that the traedmill balance was WAY off. You should ask the rec center to do a re-balance on the equipment. Or, if necessary put in a whole new floor.