Friday, February 11, 2011

Slush, Ice and Sun

A little bit of everything on this no-fun, get-it-done run around the 'hood. Cars splashing slush...falling down on ice...all around junk(ish) miles

Time:  1:10
Distance: 8.13 miles
Effort:  Easy
Body: Fair
Weather: Sunny and cold

Ran jP's homework over to his school (getting splashed with slush at one point by a passing car) and made an attempt to run Elk Meadow's trails.  All the wind last night blew big drifts over the Painter's Pause Trail, so I bailed after a quarter mile.

Back to the roads.

Ran through the Hiwan, El Pinal and Hiwan Hills 'hoods, making a big loop from the house.  Fell on the ice at the entrance to a private road - that'll teach me.

Didn't enjoy the run, but liked the sunny weather. Was warm enough for shorts and a light running shirt. Could have done without the wind.

No more bitching, though.  The end.

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