Monday, February 28, 2011

Flatiron Vista in the Sun

Post-work dash from the Flatiron Vista trailhead to the Spring Brook Loop in the warm afternoon sun.

Time: 1:14
Distance: 8.41 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Average
Weather: Sun and cool

Workload today was manageable and the sun was out, so I had time today for a fine jog from the Flatiron Vista trailhead, complete with the usual outstanding views of the Flatirons and Eldorado Canyon.

Heading up the Flatiron Vista South Trail.
 I started at the trailhead off Highway 93 and headed up the Flatiron Vista South Trail and ran the southern route to the intersection with Dowdy Draw Trail.  Dowdy Draw drops steadily down to the namesake creek before ascending to the start to the Spring Brook Loop.

Sign at beginning of Spring Brook Loop - note the Muddy Trails Meter
I opted to climb via the Spring Brook North Trail, eager to get quicker access to the dramatic views of the South Boulder and Bear Peaks and Eldorado Canyon. Per the Muddy Trails Meter on the Spring Brook sign, there were some muddy sections on this trail.  Most spots were easily negotiable on foot via rocks and a bit of remaining snow/ice. In a few places, I had to simply step in the mud.

This is a tough time of year for trails. It's human nature to want to avoid mud/water. Unfortunately, the result is widening or braided trails.

The trail tread is still under snow here. See new trail being made on the left.
Despite the few muddy spots, the trail was in decent shape. The views were, of course, sublime.

Eldorado Canyon
South Boulder and Bear Peaks from the plateau off Spring Brook North
Looking south from the Spring Brook North Trail
After completing the Spring Brook Loop, I returned up the Dowdy Draw Trail and ran back to the truck via the Flatiron Vista North Trail.

I felt a bit of fatigue in the legs from yesterday's run, but nothing significant.  Had to remind myself regularly to ease up and keep the easy day easy. Hard to do on this run given the moderate grades and great scenery.

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  1. I'm envious you can run this during the nice sunny daytime. Looks great.

    Last time I was there (early winter?) the mud was atrocious on the hill so on my way back I pegged the mud-ometer on 11.