Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Treadmill with a Purpose

The cold is, indeed, a bit too much for me, so back inside to the treadmill for a more focused workout.

Time: 51 minutes
Distance: 6 miles
Effort: Hard
Body: Good
Weather: Indoors

Since I complained yesterday about the tedious nature of unstructured treadmill workouts, today was a day for more structure. And, since it's Tuesday...that means a bit o' the speedwork.

Set the 'mill on one percent grade, warmed up for a mile at 8:27 and did 3x1 mile at 5:42 pace with 400 meter recovery jogs at 10:20 pace. Just as I was finishing, jP appeared having finished goofing at the pool. So, I finished the run at an easy pace for another 1.5 miles or so to get me to six miles as a cooldown.  Fled to the hottub with jP to round out the gym time (after I was informed that jP was two months too young to be in the workout area...sigh).

All the mile repeats were challenging, but never in doubt. I was pleasantly surprised since I haven't done any speedwork for months. Felt good to sweat, especially knowing the temps outside read -14 on the car thermometer.  Interested to see how the heel feels tonight/tomorrow.  Now -- two hours later -- it feels fine.

School cancelled again tomorrow. The reason: school district doesn't want kids standing in the cold waiting for buses; and the buses aren't working well in the cold.  My response:  Don't buses work fine in Minnesota and North Dakota?  How about just doing a late start?  Parents could take their kids to school themselves and still get to work. So, instead of kids being inside at school while it's too cold to play outside, they will have to sit inside in late May and early June (to make up for the "snow" days) when the weather is great and they should be outside!  I'm sure it's always a tough call for the school district folks. If only the whole world followed JeffCo's lead...we'd all have been off for two days!



  1. The school thing is total BS. I really got fired up when someone suggested that it was because of concerns about kids who could not dress themselves appropriately for the conditions. Love those arguments about the govt / public bodies needing to overstep their bounds to protect us.

    Good workout. I guess the frame is holding up well or on the mend?

  2. I hit the treadmill myself this morning and disliked all 5 miles of it.

    Probably the last person to comment on school closures as I don't have a child in school but I agree, just doesn't make sense. On the flip side, Denver Public Schools are open and parents are pissed in my hood.

  3. ...and back when our parents went to school they had to walk to school in this weather. Uphill. Both ways.
    Nice mill work, I feel like I have a few treadmill buddies this week!

  4. Rick - don't forget they had to go barefoot!

    Jaime - so, I guess DPS is getting a chilly reception from parents, eh?

    GZ - I had similar thoughts on overstepping. The frame does seem to be holding up. Heel is waaay better. Not 100 percent...still some post-run soreness, but better than it's been in over a year. Going to keep up w/ current regimen, plus a couple more acupuncture treatments (jury's still out on that).