Sunday, February 13, 2011

Road Runner

Slowly working the long run mileage back up...bit by bit.  This morning was a long, slow loop on the roads of west Evergreen.

Time: No watch
Distance: 18 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Average
Weather: Sunny and cool

Got up before the sun, but didn't hit the roads until the hills were starting to turn red with the morning sun. 

Did a slow, even-paced loop from the house down to Evergreen Lake on the bike path, up Upper Bear Creek Road eight miles, back to Whittier Gulch, then up to Greystone and back on Stagecoach. At the upper parking lot at Elk Meadow Open Space, I hung a left and ran a 1/2 mile of trail to get back to the 'hood. 

I ran without a watch today, focusing instead on running an even, easy pace and keeping the heart rate down. Too often on these runs, I start picking up the pace just to be done. Today, I just kept it mellow, trying to enjoy the self-propulsion.

Unfortunately, the enjoyment was, at best, fleeting. There were a few great moments, such as running  on the upper reaches of Upper Bear Creek Road with a full-on view of Mt. Evans.  However, most of the run must be filed under the Just-Get-it-Done category.  Sunday was a long run run long.

I reckon I'm hitting a bit of a running rough patch...losing a bit of the fun quotient.  Nothing a bit of prolonged warmth and snow-free trails won't cure.  Just another couple of months to go...

I'm off to Florida for several days.  Hope to get in a few miles right at sea level.


  1. Yeah - there are some days where the joy I am getting is that I am putting in the work to have a day where I am floating in the hills.

    It won't be long now.

  2. I waver between a feeling of being in a fight with winter -- and of feeling boxed in by its difficulties, and enjoying it.

    Ah, Florida. I ran along the ocean in Lauderdale at dawn last time I visited... blissful. And I found myself staring at all the plants.