Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wasatch 100...Lottery Failure

Wasatch 100 lottery results are up.  I was shut out. Not on the list. Very disappointed, especially after getting caught up in the Rocky Racoon fun today on Twitter.  Time for a Plan B.

Anyone got a Plan B?


  1. Sorry to miss you guys yesterday, my gut had other plans. Bummer about W100, I am bound to be facing the same disappointment in a few hours. I have thought about the Bear100, but I keep seeming to check out Cascade Crest. I think both are viable alternatives to Wasatch. Lotteries kind of blow. I would rather just have a mad dash on the Internet and either you get in or not.

  2. Sorry bout that. Plan B = The Bear. You won't be disappointed.

  3. That stinks. No wait list?? I can't recommend one until I've run one...or two...or three. But it looks like you've got a few solid voices for the Bear. Whatever you decide, I look forward to following your journey to 100!

    Great running with you yesterday. I went out in the snow again today and couldn't muster even 10% of the fun I had with you guys.

  4. No wait list. I wrote to the race folks to ask about that. Here's their response:

    We do not have a waiting list. We accepted about 350 runners counting the automatic entries. Each year we have enough drop by race day that we start 240 to 245 runners. Thus, we have a manageable field without having to manage a waiting list.

    We wish we could just accept everyone who applies but that would give us too many runners. I am sorry you did not get drawn this year but if you apply for the 2012 race your name will be in the hat twice as a result. We hope to see you next year.