Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Rare (and exciting!) Week in Review Post

I don't obsess much over keeping track of my running (no notebooks chronicling volume), so I can't say with any degree of certainty what my highest mileage week has been.  Thanks to the Garmin, which does all the math for me, I can say that this past week may well have been my highest mileage week ever.

The stats looked like this:

94.59 miles
Eight runs
14 hours and 39 minutes o' fun
12,697 feet of elevation gain

The reason for the uncommonly high mileage (for me) was that I did long runs on Sunday (the start of the week) and Saturday (the close). Still, it all felt good.  And, I have to admit to having a hard-to-stifle pull last night to go out and jog 5.41 miles to get the mileage up to 100. After much mental wrestling, I decided that was stupid and training-wise totally pointless.  Although the symmetry of 100 miles certainly had its allure.

I was pushing the mileage a bit this week to see how the body responded, particularly given the niggles of late. Happy to say things are holding up well.

The plan is to make this week an easy week (taking today off) in hopes of absorbing a bit of benefit from last week before giving it another go next week. With the trails melting out a bit, I hope to get in some more elevation gain.

Highlight of the week definitely was the long run yesterday at Buffalo Creek. Everything there is completely runnable, so one is pretty much guaranteed a long, steady effort.


  1. Hey - thanks for the note. Joe Ziegenfuss - / 952-913-2502. Out of town next weekend but love to hook up for a run soon.

  2. That's great news. Congrats on a solid week and being back to your healthy self.

  3. Boo! You should have done that final jog.

    BTW, ending your week on Saturday helps fuel those that end on Sunday. Just sayin'....

  4. Dude, very strong! Now you just have to keep this up thru September for Bear.

  5. BF - says the guy puttin' up 100-mile weeks with more niggles than an NFL lineman. Like you need any fuel!

    Jaime - man, I wish I had the time to do it every week. Can anyone loan me a trust fund?

    Aaron - many thanks.