Friday, March 25, 2011

Mt. Sanitas - Loopin'

Testing out the body after a couple days off and a trip to see a Dr. Richey for a bit of physical therapy.

Time: 1:04
Distance: 5.02 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Poor
Weather: Sunny and cool

Got back from Washington, D.C. late Thursday morning and headed straight to Boulder for a session with Dr. Richey at High Altitude Spine and Sport. Somewhere, sometime last week I tweaked something connecting my lower back and left hip, which has left me pretty much aching all the time and grunting with just about any movement.

The PT session was good, with Richey working all sorts of tendons, muscles, capsules and who-knows-what-else buried deep in the netherworld of my insides. We wrapped up the session with the application of some k-tape above my left pelvic bone.

By Friday, though, I was more sore than doubt due to the prodding and miscellaneous adjustments.  Out I went, though.

With Maya (the dog) in tow, or maybe it was the other way around, we set off from the parking lot across the road from Mt. Sanitas and ran up the Dakota Ridge Trail to the top of the valley then continued on up to the Sanitas summit via the East Ridge Trail. Legs felt OK and the breathing was easy, but there was just too much tension in the mid-section.  I presume everything is tight as assorted muscles contract to protect whatever is out of place.

From the summit, we descended down toward the northwest to Sunshine Canyon via a series of social trails, then jogged down the road a bit before picked up the nice singletrack trail that parallels the road on the south side.  Cruised back to the truck from there.

Overall, glad to be out...not glad to be hurtin' so bad, though.

1,394 feet o' elevation gain.

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