Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sanitas - Ups

Late afternoon run in the sun from the office to the summit of Mt. Sanitas and back.

Time: 1:28
Distance: 8.25 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Average
Weather: Sunny and windy

Lesson learned today:  Don't run after eating a big black bean burger and onion rings for lunch, even if the restaurant is solely powered by the wind (green marketing at its finest).

Never felt very good on this run. Legs were a bit heavy. Stomach was churning a bit. But, it was sunny and it was warm. Take away the wind, and it's one hell of a day.  And, there's more on the way.

Ran from the office in Boulder over to Mapleton Avenue and up to the base of Mt. Sanitas. Hit a split here and started the unforgiving ascent up the west side of the mountain. Ran steady, but without much pep. Focused on constant forward motion, limiting the speed walking to just the early steep steps.  Hit the summit marker in an uninspired 20:14.  Lots of runners on the hill today. Must have seen 10 people actually running up there.

Descended back down the west side trail and ran over to Sanitas Valley and ran up this wide gravel path to the trail sign at the top to pick up a bit more vertical.  Came down the Dakota Ridge Trail and dropped down to North Street. Ran back to the office via a round-about series of city streets.

Not a lick of snow on any of the Mt. Sanitas trails I ran on.  Bring on the spring!

Hoping to get some pep back for a morning tempo run tomorrow.  Upper Bear Creek Road is beckoning.

1,671 feet o' elevation gain.

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