Friday, March 4, 2011

Flagstaff Mountain Loop

Late afternoon run up Boulder's Flagstaff Mountain, returned via Boulder Canyon...a loop I hadn't run before.

Time: 1:21
Distance: 8.75 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Good
Weather: Mostly sunny and cool

Set out from Eben G. Fine park in Boulder and headed up the Viewpoint Trail to the first pull-out on Flagstaff Road. From there, just kept heading up. Trails were in good condition all the way to the top of Flagstaff.  There were a couple 20 meter sections of snow, but the footing was good.  Just a tad bit of mud here and there.

Ran solid to the top, then as I ran the trail that encircles the unassuming summit of the mountain, I started doing the mental calculations of time and distance. How long to run up to Long Canyon, down to Gregory and back to the car?  Should I just retrace mt steps?  Then, I remembered the long-closed road that descends from the west side of Flagstaff to Boulder Canyon.  I should be able to do that in the allotted time, I figured. So, off I went.

The early stretches of this road were covered in snow/ice, but once the road emerged from the heavily timbered area up top, it was pure dirt.  I was surprised at what a solid road this was.

Made my way down to the canyon bottom, jumping off the road on a social trail near the bottom to stay away from a private residence. Once across Boulder Creek and on the road, I ran a half-mile or so to the terminus of the Boulder Creek Path and jumped on it for the steady cruise back to Eben G. Fine park in town.

Enjoyed the gentle downhill and quick turnover on the creek path. Felt good to run a 6 minute pace for a bit.

Yesterday was pretty much an off day. Just did a four-mile dog jog at Elk Meadow. The wind was howling, which caused my enthusiasm for a run later in the day to flag. Just as well, I reckon, as the week has been a solid one and a bit of rest was probably in order.

Now...what to do this weekend...

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