Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exploring Some New Ground

Got out on some new trails (for me) in Boulder yesterday for a 94-minute steady run.

Time:  1:34
Distance: 11.68 miles
Effort: Steady
Body: Average
Weather: Sunny and cool

With the sun shining yet again and the prospect for cooler temps ahead, I was keen to get out for a solid 10+ miles while motivation was high. Connected with Tim L. and he proposed hitting Teller Farms, a City of Boulder Open Space park northeast of town.

I'd never been out that way and was eager for some exploration, so a plan was set.

We met up outside Tim's place, ran over to the open space and spent the next hour-plus running around old farm roads (now trails) through thigh-high grasses.  The temps were perfect for running, with just a hint of wind now and then. The views of the Indian Peaks, Longs Peak and the Flatirons from this park's vantage points were spectacular. At one point, as we were running west, I remarked that it seemed like we were running toward a photograph.

Saw a couple northern harriers prowling the grasslands, winging just above the grasstops hunting for rodents, their distinctive white rump patch visible. Heard a meadowlark at one point.  The sound immediately made me think of spring.

The trails here, save for one stretch of gravel road, were all soft-surfaced dirt.  Perfect for running on.  The trails undulate up and down hills, with no major climbs.  My favorite spot was along Boulder Creek (I think), where there's an old farm homestead and a whole mess o' old, big cottonwood trees.  Beautiful.

These trails are perfect for runs where steady turnover is the order of the day.  I'll be back, for sure.

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