Saturday, March 12, 2011

One of Those Days...Green Mountain (Lakewood)

Ever have one of those....scratch that.  Everyone's HAS had one of those days. Today was my turn during a double loop around Lakewood's Green Mountain.

Time: 2:59
Distance: 19.01
Effort: Easy (but hard)
Body: Poor
Weather: Sunny, then cloudy, warm(ish)

Had grand plans to get up early and head over to Buffalo Creek, but a poor night's sleep and a dog looking at me that way conspired to convince me to lend the early morning to the NY Times over breakfast and an hour at the dog park.

So, Plan B was something local.

A couple week's back, I really enjoyed running around the trails of Lakewood's 2,400-acre Green Mountain, formally known as the William Frederick Hayden Park.  Seemed like a good plan to head back there for a couple loops.

From the get-go, the legs weren't there. Everything felt hard. In response, I adjusted expectations, put my head down and slogged out three hours of up and down.  I ran the first loop of about 8.5 miles around the mountain counter-clockwise and the second the other way, adding on some trail sections to the northeast that I'd never been on before.

By the time I was jogging along the final stretch of trail back to the car, I was cooked. I was moving OK, but the mind and body definitely wanted to be somewhere else (like on a massage table).

I can say that I'm glad to have gotten it done, but that's about the only good thing I can say.

2,726 feet o' elevation gain.

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