Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Definitely Not a Tempo Run

A modest-paced loop around Alderfer-Three Sisters and Evergreen Mountain during the twilight hours.

Time: 1:18
Distance: 8.01 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Poor
Weather: Mostly cloudy and cool

Didn't get out until after 5 p.m., but that turned out to be just fine as I pretty much had the entirety of Alderfer-Three Sisters Open Space park to myself (well, myself and Maya the dog).

From the upper lot, I ran north to the Mountain Muhly Trail and followed it around to the park's northwest and northeast corners before ascending to Bearberry and over to the Sisters Trail which heads up over a ridge next to the park's three namesake rock formations (the Three Sisters).  

We then descended down to the lower lot, crossed Buffalo Park Road and ran up the Evergreen Mountain East Trail (past the Brother, another rock formation) and back down to the upper lot via the Evergreen Mountain West trail.

The whole time out on the trails, we passed one mountain biker and saw two other people off in the distance. The upper lot was empty when we got back to the truck.  Sorta cool to be the King of the Park for an evening.

My back/left hip is slowly improving.  Still have a fair bit of steady discomfort, and there's no way I'm leaping for a frisbee right now, but moderate-effort running is doable. Running, at least, doesn't appear to make things worse.  Will make a return trip to the PT after the kids' spring break week is over.

Maya, on the other hand, is running solid. Endurance is building. She had no trouble with the eight miles and the evening's elevation gain.  That said, she zonked out post-run while I made a quick trip into the local library.

1,341 feet o' elevation gain.

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