Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Week (or weak) in March

The plan for the week was to take it down a notch from last week's 94 miles, knowing that I'm not prepped (yet?) to handle many back-to-back 90+ mile weeks.  Stuck to that plan.  Good thing, because other than the Thursday run, I wasn't feeling very peppy.

Two days off...Sunday (planned: following the previous day's 28 miles) and Monday (unplanned: an overly busy day).  Had a couple days of solid climbing (Flagstaff and Sanitas) and a very good Thursday tempo run (Upper Bear Creek Road).  Saturday's long run was a bit of a slogfest, but got it done.

Miles for the week: 61.94
Time for the week: 9:53
Elevation gain: 8,872 feet

The early part of this week looks like fantastic weather, so I may try to up the mileage a bit and return to Upper Bear Creek Road for a Thursday tempo run.

Picked up a pair of Saucony Peregrines today. Eager to get in some easy miles in them this week. I'll definitely be easing into 'em. I think the heel drop is something like 4mm, a bit different than 10mm drop of my beloved La Sportiva Crosslites.

I also bought a new bladder for my Nathan pack - my third bladder. The first two went down due to the remarkably crappy bite valve.  The new one has a redesigned bite valve. Hoping this one is easier to use and survives at least through the summer.

Really enjoyed this recollection from GZ.


  1. Its early March. Don't sweat it. At least there were no niggles.

  2. ... says the NFL linebacker who is getting the silent treatment.

    10 hours still. That is consistent, not week.

  3. Jim, you gotta post your thoughts on them Peregrines after a few runs. I've been looking to replace my Crosslite's and not sure which route to go. Love the MT101s but I can't put big miles in on them.

  4. Will do. Going to run in 'em today. More to come.

  5. Jim P. - Aside from the fact that they have a more narrow fit than I need, the Peregrines felt really great (in a store, I should add). The tread looks good and the cushioning seemed nice.