Sunday, January 10, 2010

Morrison Double Loop

Time: 3:12
Distance: 20.67 miles
Effort: Easy/Long
Body: Good
Weather: Sunny and Cool

Returned this morning early to Morrison to run a version of the same run I did last weekend with Steve G. et al. Decided to add a bit more trail running and vert to the loop we ran a week ago. And, unlike last weekend, today was a solo run.

I parked again at the Morrison exit off C-470 and ran Rooney Road and the paved bike path north to Green Mountain. I used the pedestrian overpass to get to the Green Mountain parking lot, crossed the road and climbed the hogback on the Zorro Trail.  I then followed the hogback ridge to the park-and-ride lot adjacent to I-70. Here I crossed the road to Matthew-Winters Park and ran a couple different trails through the park and into Red Rocks, which eventually dumped me out on one of the park's paved roads. I ran the road to the top of the amphitheater.

There were about 30 people working out on the steps at Red Rocks.  Each person seemed to be in their own little exercise worlds.  Some doing step-ups.  Some doing calisthenics.  Some chatting with friends.

After a quick dash down the steps, I ran out of Red Rocks, through Morrison and did the same sidewalk and road loop through Lakewood's Bear Lake Park as we did last weekend, only in reverse.

Felt decent for most of the run, but got tight in the hips and my feet were aching by the end. Even ended up with a lovely blood blister. Not sure why...ran in well-broken-in shoes. Must be all the pavement...

Elevation gain: 2,487 feet.  Average pace:  9:19


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