Saturday, January 9, 2010

Genesee Park

Time: 1:03
Distance: 8.01 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Good
Weather: Sunny and Cool

Early afternoon run in Genesee Park, which is located on the south side of I-70 right when you crest the top of Mt. Vernon Canyon and get your first full-on view of the Continental Divide.  Parked in the Genesee park-and-ride, did a quick warm-up loop around the office park there, then headed up the road into the park.

Genesee Park is the first, oldest and largest of the Denver Mountain Parks. The first part of the park was acquired in 1912, another addition in 1937 and a final 10 acres in 2007.  The park is 2,413 acres and home to a bison herd, which can often be seen as you cruise by on I-70.

I followed the paved road to a gate, then ran up a snow covered road to the 8,284-foot summit of Genesee Mountain. I then retracted my steps and ran a dirt road west back to the Chief Hosa lodge, built in 1918 and also owned by the city/county of Denver.  I then hopped on the north side of I-70 and ran the 3/4 mile back to the Genesee exit.

Twas a good, brisk run and a bluebird blue sky day.  The 45 degree temps allowed for shorts. 685 feet of elevation gain.  7:54 average pace.

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