Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Green Mountain

Time: 1:54
Distance: 11.21 miles
Effort: Hard
Body: Good
Weather: Cool and partly cloudy

I took Monday off after Sunday's sufferfest.  So, I was ready to run today. Today's plan was a run from the office to the summit of Green Mountain and back. 

If Sunday was a day when I knew right away I was in for a bad day, today was the opposite. As I stood in the sun at the front of the office waiting for my watch to locate satellites, I could tell today would be a quality and fun run.  And, it was.

Ran up Pearl Street to 6th and up 6th to Baseline to the Gregory Canyon trailhead. This was to be my second run up Green Mountain via the Gregory - Ranger route. Hit the watch at the trailhead sign and slid my way up the first 20 meters of trail before hitting bare dirt again. Ran without traction through to the lodge. I paused here to put on traction and continued up the icy trail. I felt good the whole way up, running steady and power hiking a few short stretches. Hit the summit marker in 41:46. Was hoping to break 40 minutes...now I have something to aim for. Descended in 25:11.

Splits: Trailhead to Green Mountain Lodge (1.32 miles, 978 feet of elevation gain):  18:47; Lodge  to West Ridge Trail junction (1.16 miles, 1,134 feet of elevation gain): 18:53; junction to summit (.18 miles, 273 feet of elevation gain): 3:48.

Total elevation gain for the run:  2,867. Average HR: 153. Average pace: 10:10


  1. Thanks, Brandon. I'm going to try and hit Green weekly, on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Will miss it next week due to work travel, though. Hope to see you there again soon.