Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bergen Peak - Upper Loop

Time: 1:32
Distance: 9 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Good
Weather: Cool and clear

Late afternoon run in Elk Meadow Open Space. I was feeling the desire to get back on trails and get a bit of elevation gain. Started in the lower lot and ran up Sleepy S to Elk Run to Meadow View and Too Long. I opted not to do the one-mile out-and-back to the summit and instead completed the upper loop by coming down via the Bergen Peak, Meadow View and Sleepy S trails. Hit the junction to the summit trail in 49:25, which is about six minutes off my PR. Picked up the final 3/10s of a mile to get an even nine miles by doing cool-down loops in the parking lot.

Ran an easy effort today, staying easily out of the red zone. Average HR was 144.  Elevation gain was 1,730 feet.


  1. Took it easy yet lopped 6 minutes off your PR? Nice!!!

    So were the trails in pretty good shape? I was kinda thinking of heading up there one day next week if conditons aren't too bad....not that I have any business trying that kind of elevation right now...

  2. Misread your post. Six minutes off your PR of ~43:XX....that actually makes more sense. That's a good minute faster than I've done something for me to shoot for :)

  3. Yeah...six minutes short of PR.

    Trails are in pretty good shape on Too Long. Lots of bare dirt. I didn't wear traction and never felt like I needed it (well, it would have been useful on the climb up Elk Run, but that's pretty short). Would have been nice to have, though, for the descent on Bergen Peak Trail - lots of ice in the trees.

    Drop me a line if you head over this way. Would be good to catch up.