Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bergen Peak

Time: 1:57
Distance: 10.52 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Fair
Weather: Cool and mostly sunny

The call of Bergen Peak was finally too much for JM and he was lured this morning to Elk Meadow Open Space for a 10.5 mile loop of said peak. Following a late-night e-mail exchange, we arranged to meet around 8 a.m. to run the mountain together.

With snow in the forecast and a still-blue sky above, we set off around 8:15 a.m. and ran the Sleepy S - Elk Run - Meadow View - Too Long - Summit Trail route up. The plan was to run steady, but at an easy pace. We tagged the summit sign in about 1:05.

The descent down the Bergen Peak trail was sketchy and slow, with long stretches of ice-covered snow. Neither of us had any traction devices today. We managed to make it all the way down to the intersection with the Meadow View Trail without falling. Yet, somehow my first steps on Meadow View led me to slip and fall on the last bit of ice. First time I've hit the deck this winter. Funny to make it down such a treacherous section of trail only to take a digger  right where the trail levels out. Live and learn.

We made quick work of the last couple of miles back to the car running at a low-7s pace.

It was great catching up with JM, who's been running very strong this winter. Safe to say I wouldn't have tackled Bergen Peak today after yesterday's hard run up Green were it not for his rare winter appearance in this part of the foothills. Thanks, JM, for getting me out the door this a.m.

Average pace: 11:08. Total elevation gain: 2,339. No HR monitor today.

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  1. While I didn't quite get the same quality body slide you did, I did have that small slide and was momentarily down on all fours. That descent was definitely a little sketchy. Still, overall a fun run today. It was good catching up with you....