Friday, January 22, 2010

Elk Meadow - Troublesome Gulch Loop

Time: 1:10
Distance: 8.01 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Fair
Weather: Cool and mostly sunny

Easy lunch-time run with Steve F. We met at the lower lot at Elk Meadow and ran trails up to the Buchanan Rec Center, around the paved path in Bergen Park, down the trail through Troublesome Gulch and completed the loop via the climb up Lewis Ridge Road. Nice easy pace punctuated by some good conversation.

Average HR 134. Average pace: 8:46. 788 feet of elevation gain.

For some reason, was thinking about running pet peeves doubt spurred by experiencing a few of them today. I reckon I'll have to assemble a master list, but here's the first three, all of which were part of today's run (but did not detract from the overall fine vibe of the outing):

1. People that run/ride/walk around icy or muddy sections of trail and turn perfectly good singletrack into braided, ugly multiple tracks. 

2. Dog crap on the trail/people that still don't clean up after their dogs.

3. Drivers that won't move over on a wide-open two-lane road with great visibility to give runners a wide berth. 

Got any additions to this nascent list?

Also:  Anton K. launches the Green Mountain Project - 100 ascents of Green Mountain in first 100 days of the year

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