Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Race "Plans"

Been thinking a lot about 2010 races I am considering running.  Here's the list:

February 13 -- Red Hot 50K (registered)

March 13 -- Salida Marathon
April 18 – Spring Desert Ultra 25/50
May 1 – Collegiate Peaks 50
May 1 – Greenland 50K
June 5 - Dirty 30 50K
July 18 - Barr Trail Mountain Race
June 19 – San Juan Solstice 50
June 19 – Mt. Evans Ascent
July 3 – Leadville Marathon
July 17 – North Fork 50 -- Pine, CO
August 21 – Pikes Peak Ascent
August 22 – Pikes Peak Marathon
September 25 – Golden Leaf Half Marathon
October - Blue Sky Marathon/50K

Work and family schedule undoubtedly will limit the number of races I enter, but right now I'm looking at all of them to discern what's possible.

In May, I really would like to run either the Greenland 50K or Collegiate Peaks 25/50. Which I one I enter will likely depend on whether or not I get into the San Juan Solstice 50. Registration is tight for that race and takes place next Friday. Obviously, whether or not I get into San Juan will affect all June plans, and perhaps those in July.

A new Front Range ultra, the North Fork 50, was just announced yesterday.  Field is limited to 150.  The race will be run on the trails of the Buffalo Creek area in the Pike National Forest and begins at JeffCo's Pine Valley Ranch Open Space.  I've run and mountain biked on all the trails of this course. The trails in this area are great for running...not too steep, scenic, good footing and fun.  I would really like to run this race.

In August, I think I'll go for the double at Pikes Peak this year. I'm still chasing three hours for the Ascent (missed it by six minutes last year), and I'd make that my focus and just run the Marathon for the sake of doubling. And, a return to the Golden Leaf Half in Aspen/Snowmass is almost a certainty.  It's a really well-run race with good food, a great course and a fabulous post-race gear giveaway/drawing.

I figure I'll look to firm up plans following the San Juan registration.


  1. That is a helluva summer. Damn. Damn.

  2. Wow....nice schedule!! No real surprise, but sounds like we'll be crossing paths at a few races (Greenland, Evans, Leadville, Pikes). Cool to see you are thinking about doubling.

    Hope registration for San Juan works out for you...good luck!

  3. GZ - Those are just races I'm looking at!

    JM - Are you going to double at Pikes again? And, I'll probably do Collegiate Peaks over Greenland...Evans if San Juan doesn't happen. Drop me a line if a winter run up Bergen Peak ever sounds good.


  4. Doublin' for sure...I am hooked!!! I'll admit Collegiate Peaks sounds more inviting than Greenland so don't blame you there. I've actually been thinking about a Bergen run although I'm way out of shape as far as hills go..but yeah, I'll drop you a line.