Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green Mountain - Ups

Time: 1:07
Distance: 5;12 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Average
Weather: Mostly sunny, WINDY

With work consumed by issues surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, my only hope of getting in a run this day was to hit it early.  So, there I was running up the road to the Gregory Canyon trailhead a bit after 7 a.m. bound for what I knew would be a wind-swept summit of Green Mountain, given the massive gusts that had buffeted my car on the way into Boulder this morning..

I decided to take the Amphi/Saddle/Green route up. I hadn't been up that route since last summer. All was quiet on the wind-sheltered east side of the mountain. However, anytime the trail crested a ridge with any western exposure, I was blasted by the wind. A few times on Saddle, I had to stop and pull down the brim of my hat to hide my face as I was pummeled by sand kicked up by what had to have been 40+ mph winds.  Mother Nature can be a wicked one, sometimes.

Made it to the top of the summit rock in 38:47, knocking 52 seconds off my PR for this route. Didn't linger long due to the howling winds. Returned down via the Ranger/Gregory route.

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