Monday, May 17, 2010

Evergreen High Route - Long

Time: 3:11
Distance: 20.87 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Average
Weather: Mostly sun and warm(ish)

After several days last week of hiking in the snow, I was committed to staying out of the white stuff. Even with temps in the 60s today, the trails above 8,000 feet are still covered in snow. The snow, coupled with JP being out of town and a babysitter making my run possible, I  opted to hit the roads in order to squeeze in the miles and keep my feet dry for a change..

From the house, I ran up to the upper lot at Elk Meadow and cruised down Stagecoach to Whittier Gulch, up the gulch to it's intersection with Squaw Pass Road (Highway 103) and headed down 103 back toward Evergreen. I took little detour to explore Sinton Road, which climbs from 103 into the Echo Hills subdivision. I was hoping to find an easy way to loop back to 103 from Sinton, but being pressed for time, I turned back after two miles and retracted my steps back to 103. (A review of the map later shows a relatively simple way to loop through this big subdivision.).

I cruised down 103, with 4-5 miles at 6:45 pace, to Elk Meadow. Once in the park, I ran Meadow View back to the hill above my house and dropped down into the backyard.

I didn't consume much calorie-wise on this run (two gels). Was bonking over the last two miles or so. I felt pretty wrecked for a couple hours post-run.

Elevation gain for the day was 3,000 feet.

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