Friday, May 7, 2010

Flagstaff Mountain - Steady

Time:  1:47
Distance: 10.68
Effort: Moderate
Body: Good
Weather: Mostly cloudy and cool

Evening run from work to the "summit" of Flagstaff.  

Ran up Spruce and Pearl Streets and made my way over to Eben G. Fine park and picked up the trail that takes you up to the first parking area off Flagstaff Road.  From there, I ran the Flagstaff Trail, with its multiple crossings of the road, to the top of Flagstaff Mountain.  

I learned that the summit is not marked, which is understandable since the top is a big flat, open area with a few small rock outcroppings (with a nice view of Green). I cruised around up there a bit and found what appeared to be the highest point, then returned down via the Flatstaff Trail to Crown Rock and then down into Gregory Canyon and finished up the trail portion in Chautauqua.  

Once off the trails, I had a new priority and that was to get as quickly as possible to Illegal Pete's for a burrito.  With burrito in hand, I ran the last mile back to the office and feasted.

A very nice run on some new trails for me.  This was my first trip up to the top of Flagstaff.  Great views down into Boulder Creek Canyon from the north side.

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