Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, December 3 - Treadmill

Time: 1:30 (estimated)
Distance: 10 miles
Effort: Hard - 5 x 1 mile
Body: Very good
Weather: Indoors

After three long days of meetings in a windowless conference room, I was eager for a hard run. After today's meeting, I headed to Buchanan Recreation Center here in Evergreen for a treadmill tempo workout. Ran 5 x 1 mile at a 6 minute pace with 800 meter recovery between intervals, plus one mile warm-up and one mile cool down.  Felt great for all five 1-mile sets.

iPod was blasting with a mix of Fountains of Wayne, Descendents, All, Bob Mould, Bouncing Souls, Armchair Martian and a half dozen other power pop ditties.  Made the time go by quickly.  

Typically, I find treadmill runs virtually intolerable. Today, though I really enjoyed it. I think having a plan for what I wanted to accomplish helped. Plus, I was eager to blow out the doors after those days sitting on my arse in meetings (albeit highly productive meetings).

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