Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Treadmill - Speedwork

Time: 1:02
Distance: 8 miles
Effort: Hard
Body: Good
Weather: Indoors

After a day off yesterday to give my left knee a break, I was ready to run hard today. I decided to do workout on the treadmill, figuring that the relatively cushy surface would be the best thing right now for the knee.

I did two miles w/u at 8:00, then 4x1 mile at one percent grade at 5:56, 5:56, 5:56 and 5:46. Followed it up with one mile c/d at 8:20. 

It felt really good to complete this session, but the last interval hurt a bit. You know the feeling...time slows down and seconds tick by at a glacial pace...you have to fight the urge not to look down every 10 seconds to see how much further is left in the interval...you look into the mirror in hopes of being distracted by any movement in the weight room behind you. Finally, the last tenth of a mile rolls by...success!

Interestingly -- at least to me -- to compare HR data from today's and last week's 4x1 mile workouts. Last week I was in Washington, D.C. - about at sea level.  Today, I'm at home at about 7,800 feet.  

Here is the HR data for the two workouts - exactly a week apart:

7,800 feet:

Average HR: 156; Max HR: 181

Max HR in each interval: 169, 178, 178 181

Sea level:

Average HR: 148; Max HR: 178

Max HR in each interval: 168, 168, 173, 178

Not sure what to draw from those numbers, but it's an interesting data comparison nonetheless. Perceived effort was greater today, and I was slower between intervals than I was in Washington, D.C. The two workouts were not identical...pretty darn close though.

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