Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bergen Peak - Upper Loop

Perfect running temps and solid legs made for a great run.  If only the niggling injuries would cease!

Time:  1:31
Distance: 9.02 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Good
Weather: Sunny and cool

Ran the Bergen Peak upper loop from the house via the neighborhood connector trail.  Steady cruise across Meadow View and up Too Long. Hit the Summit Trail intersection in an easy 57:49. Kept a focus on keeping the HR in the low range. Felt really good.

Jogged down Bergen Peak Trail back to Meadow View and took the backyard route home.  Nice mental zone the whole way. Just felt good to be out.  

I had a few twinges in the left foot and Achilles on the run, but nothing significant.  I stopped to stretch a few times on the ups and downs. Soaked both feet in a tub of ice water once home as a precaution. Still, after an hour or so, the left Achilles (a new sore spot) was complaining...loudly. Had to bag the early Sunday a.m. run so as not to aggravate it further.  Quite a string of fun this last month.


  1. You missed some epic wind, but I bagged early and only did 7...

  2. Good. TIme for you to recover. Wind or no wind, I much would have preferred the run over convalescing w/ the latest ache/pain/injury. An easy T-giving week, I hope, will do the trick.