Saturday, November 6, 2010

Alderfer-Three Sisters - Easy

Snuck in a quick six miles while jP was doing a basketball skills clinic at the local rec center, which just happens to be within half-mile of a JeffCo Open Space park.

Time: 55 minutes
Distance:  6 miles
Effort: Easy
Body:  Average
Weather: Sunny & Warm

Congrats to Scott Jaime, 2010 Mountain Masochist 50 winner!  Finishing time:  7:23!  Nice job, Scott!

Easy run from the Wulf Rec Center up to Alderfer-Three Sisters Open Space park. Looped through the park via multiple trails. Paused at one point to watch a very non-plussed fox meandering through the woods just 10 meters from the trail (and me). No watch.

At 9:30 a.m. it already was t-shirt temps. It's going to be a beautiful weekend.

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  1. Thanks Jim - preciate it! Looking to do some more "casual" runs with you