Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Santias Valley - Easy/Recovery

A nice jog in the spitting rain as I tried to shake out the last of the soreness from the weekend race.

Time: 53 minutes
Distance: 6 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Fair
Weather: Drizzling and cool

Mid-afternoon jog from the office. Ran up the dirt alleys to the Mapleton Hill neighborhood and made my way over to Mt. Sanitas Open Space. Ran up the Dakota Ridge trail to its intersection with the Sanitas Valley Trail and ran down the Valley Trail, gingerly.

Legs felt surprisingly good on the ascents. The climb up the Dakota Ridge Trail felt very good. I was by no means fresh, just felt solid. Can't say the same for the descent down the Valley Trail. I could feel the lingering soreness in the outside of both quads. Other than that, no significant discomfort.

With the dampness, the smell of a wet campfire was in the air, no doubt emanating from the Four Mile Canyon fire, which must have been up and over just several ridges over from our beloved open space park. I'm curious to see what the area looks like up there. At the same time, I'm loathe to go up there to gawk, particularly when so many people had their lives turned completely upside down by that disaster.

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  1. Yeah ... I can't imagine how bad it is going up Sunshine