Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bergen Peak - Easy

Mid-day run from the house to the summit of Bergen Peak. The whole outing should have been "easy," but the body was having none of it.

Time: 1:54
Distance: 10.42 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Poor
Weather: Hot 

Today the Bergen Peak Trail Race was run on the local mountain. I, however, was nowhere near it. Instead, I was snoozing away, catching up on sleep after the week's trip to the East Coast. Knowing that several dozen runners were toiling away on the peak this morning led me to take an afternoon jaunt up to the summit.

I did the climb at an easy, conversational pace, passing a number of hikers and bikers on the way up. The course was still marked from the morning's race, with orange ribbons here and there on trees and white chalk on the trail pointing runners down the appropriate trail.

I hit the summit sign in just over 57 minutes, turned immediately around and headed back via Too Long and Meadow View. About midway down Too Long, the fatigue set in. My already pedestrian pace turned downright slow as I made my way back home. I reckon it was just another bonk.

2,068 feet of elevation gain.

Hoping for better tomorrow...

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