Thursday, September 2, 2010

Arlington, VA - Easy

Easy run around the hills and dales of Arlington, Virginia from the hotel.

Time: 59 minutes
Distance: 6.16 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Fair
Weather: Hot & Humid

A post-work jaunt from the hotel down to the Potomac Heritage Trail. Ran up-river to the intersection with the Windy Run Trail. In the fading twilight, I navigated up the root-strewn, forested trail and into a local neighborhood and then over to the paved bike path along I-66. After a bit of exploring to pad the mileage a bit, I wrapped it up with a jog down Wilson Boulevard and over to the hotel. Home in the a.m.

Check out this washed-out road in the Canyonlands National Park area. This is the road down to Mineral Bottom, which is a key Green River access point below Labyrinth Canyon. We drove up this road after paddling 42 miles of the Green River earlier this summer. Must have been a hell of a rainstorm. Don't underestimate desert storms!

Mineral Bottom Road after August 19th flash flood. Note the people to the right of the wash-out.
More info here.


  1. Hey - I am heading to Arlington in October so I will need to pick your brain on good routes there.

    That wash out is incredible. The White Rim is now an out and back.

  2. Wow! That slide is unreal. I've been all over the Island in the Sky thru the years but not on this road specifically. I have been on Shafer a few times and the switchbacks look similar. How do you even begin to repair that road?

  3. GZ - Happy to recommend some routes. Let me know where you're staying.

    Jaime - I can't even begin to figure out the logistics of fixing that gap in the road. The switchbacks down from the rim to Mineral Bottom are wicked. And, in all the sketchy spots, there's only room for one vehicle. I'd hate to be trying to drive a dump truck down that road, let alone any heavy machinery! That said, I'm sure they'll figue something out!