Monday, September 27, 2010

Mesa - Bear Canyon - Green Mountain Loop

Time: 1:43
Distance: 8.23 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Average
Weather: Sunny & Hot

Morning run from Chautauqua up to the Mesa Trail, over to Bear Canyon, up to the Green Bear Trail, over to the four-way and up to the summit of Green. Ran steady the whole way to the summit of Green. The cruise up Bear Canyon was a highlight. Just felt solid the whole way up. No fatigue in the climbing legs. Slowed a bit heading over to the four-way and up the Green's summit. 

Green Mountain from Chautauqua
View from the Mesa Trail just before descending to Bear Canyon
Looking east back down Bear Canyon, about 2/3 of the way up.
Looking west from the summit of Green Mountain
Took it way easy descending down the front side of Green. Note to self:  You do not like that trail. Do not descend that way. 

Got it.

This stretch of record-breaking warm fall temps has been great. I know it can't keep going this way, but I sure am loving it for now.


  1. >the front side of Green

    Greenman to Saddle Rock? I only ask because I keep hearing of an eastern trail on Green. But that would basically be climbing trails and gullies.

    I need to get some AM pictures of those hills some time, because I'm almost always there in the afternoon. Better on a hot day anyway.

  2. Going down the frontside, it's Greenman, Saddle, Amphitheater. There's another way up/down via one of the Flatirons, but I've not gone that way. JV does from time to time, according to his write-ups.

  3. Ah. I usually go Saddle all the way because Amphitheater is a lot of pounding, and some of the logs are slippery. Lower Saddle is just switchbacks. I think it's 0.2 farther.

    I like to stick to official trails (especially in Boulder where there is so much short-cutting already), but the mystery trail does pique my idle curiosity.

  4. If you don't like going down that way, you ain't going to like the other way that has been mentioned either.

  5. I did that route in reverse basically last weekend. It's a great loop. But I went up gregory/ranger/greenman instead of the front side. I imagine that's a better decent than the front side also.

    Let me know if y'all are running bergen or any other cool runs this weekend...I"m looking to get a nice run in this weekend before the weather turns and it would be great to have some company

  6. Aaron - A couple of folks and I are going to hit Bergen Peak on Sunday. Drop me a line at jim.petterson (that symbol) and I'll keep you posted on the plans (not firmed up yet). We also should hook up in Boulder now and then.

  7. Cool Jim. I'm unavailable Sunday, but any other day (for future reference) works for me. my email is aaronkennard at gmail....definitely drop me a line if you're going to run in Boulder any time and we'll try to connect.