Monday, August 2, 2010

Green Mountain - Ups

Solid mid-afternoon run up Boulder's Green Mountain -- good enough for a 10 second PR. 

Time:  1:19
Distance: 6:52 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Good
Weather: Cloudy & Humid

I was eager to run today after mis-firing on the long run yesterday. Planned Sunday to do a long run in the Mt. Evans Wilderness, but by the time I got to Echo Lake to begin, it was pouring rain with no signs to the west that the dense, gray cloud bank would break up anytime soon. Just couldn't bear a wet, cold run. Returned to the east side of Squaw Pass (which has, thankfully, been renamed, but I can't remember to what) and parked at the lower entrance to the Beaver Brook parcel, which is now mostly part of the Arapaho National Forest. I walked around the gate and started running. I got, maybe,15 yards and stopped. I just wasn't into it. Went home.

Fast forward to Monday. Time for a little redemption. A solid run up Green Mountain is just the thing to get the mountain running mojo back in swing.

Started running from Chautauqua right around 2 p.m. Despite the gray skies, there were a ton of people milling around as I set off running over to the Gregory Canyon trailhead. After a quick pit stop, I hit the watch and started up Gregory, hitting the ranger cabin in 16:57. From there, it was just a steady grind up to the four-way in 35:17. Ran hard on the flatish section up to the first major set of stairs and settled into a hand-on-knees power climb.

As I approached the summit, I could hear a voice, but couldn't see anyone since I had my head down. Still looking at my feet, I got to the summit rock and immediately the voice was joined by a full-on yapping accompaniment.  A guy and his dog had commandeered the summit rock. Too focused to care about the noisy pup and its relatively small mouth of teeth, I paused for a couple seconds as the guy pulled the dog to the side and I completed the climb, clicking the watch (after several tries) at 38:38, a new PR by about 10 seconds. Not huge...but, I'll take it.

The guy apologized for his overly-enthusiastic dog as I caught my breath. Once my heart rate returned to normal, I returned down the summit trail back to the four-way and took Ranger down to Greenman and hung a right. I got in a bit more vertical climbing Greenman to Saddle. Pressed for time, I cruised quickly down Saddle to Ampi and returned through the Chautauqua meadow to the car.

Today was a very humid day, for Colorado. Felt great to sweat so much without the oppressive humidity so common east of the 100th meridian.  


  1. That is splitting from Chaut or from Gregory?

    Nice job on the PR.

  2. Yeah, nice time. I'm down to about 50:00 via Saddle Rock :)

    Dogs are not allowed on the EM Greenman trail, i.e. the summit, and your encounter is one of the reasons why ( There's a sign right at the last junction. Too bad I can't write tickets.

    Come to think of it, the last one I saw up there was also a nervous barking puppy.

  3. I just saw GZ's pics of this AM's run. Oh well. lol

  4. GZ - Thanks. The split was from the Gregory Canyon Trailhead sign. I wish it were from Chautauqua. (An easy 5:40 from Chau to Gregory).

    MTR2 - The best dogs have the best owners. The rest I can do without. Thankfully, GZ -- the scofflaw he is -- is one of the good ones.

  5. We took Ranger Gregory both ways!

    Dogs are allowed on the summit - and Lucy does have a voice / site control tag.

    They are not allowed via Saddle, etc. Or least not unleashed.

    I once took my father in law's bird dog up there on a leash. Some guy showed up with a monster green parrot on his shoulder. My father in law's dog is a BIRD DOG and was going bananas. It must have looked like a big green jolly rancher to him. I got off the summit in a hurry.

    The damn bird however was NOT leashed.

  6. Hey, a PR is a PR....nice job!! I suspect I'm going to be chasing you on Pikes this year....

  7. JM - Hah. That I seriously doubt. I still remember you blowing by me on the way up to No Name last year. I fully expect the same treatment this year.

    GZ - I'm sure we'll see "no bird" signs at OSMP trails in no time. Their sign budget is must make some Third World country budgets look small by comparison.