Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bergen Peak - Upper Loop

Did one minute hard - one minute easy intervals up the Bergen Peak Trail, then moderate for the rest of the loop.

Time:  1:19
Distance: 8.26 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Good
Weather: Partly cloudy & cool

Figured one more hard run before taking a few days vacation and in advance of the Pikes double weekend was in order.

From the house, made my way over to the Sleepy S trail in the Elk Meadow Open Space and ran moderate to the intersection with the Bergen Peak Trail. Climbed Bergen Peak Trail alternating one minute hard, then one minute easy en route to the high point on the peak's upper loop.

Felt strong the whole way. 

Ran moderately hard down Too Long Trail and on the early part of Meadow View, then picked it up and ran low 6s and high 5s chasing down mountain bikers.  Cooled down on Sleepy S and jogged it back home from there.

Nice mental boost to run the one-on, one-off well. 

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