Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pikes Peak Marathon - Quick Update

Twas a tale of two cities out on Pikes Peak today.

The first tale 'tis one of struggling on the ascent. Literally walked 97 percent of it from Barr Camp on up. Legs just had no pep...none whatsoever. Calves seemingly from No Name Creek up felt like they were on the verge of cramping.  Summited in something like 3:18. Not good.

The second tale 'tis one of running well downhill. I was passed by three runners on the while running, two while making a quick pitstop behind a tree. Passed them all at the Barr Camp aid station and vowed not to be passed again. I wasn't. Picked off 10-15 runners on the descent, including two in the last mile while barreling down Ruxton.

Results: 5:11; 36th place; 2nd in age group; 6th best cumulative doubler time, right behind Mr. Steady (also right behind him in the age group!).

Satisfied with how things turned out, but can't help but imagine how much better it would have been had I summited 10-15 minutes faster.  Maybe next year.

Full race report in a day or two.

Overall...a fabulous weekend, and not just for the running. Spending the time w/ JP, jP and CP was priceless, as was absorbing the running/race vibe for two straight days and spending time chatting up running friends and running strangers.


  1. The double is truly evil. I am pretty sure I won't do it again. Unless Leadville is a different weekend. Then we might have to do the triple.

    Great work out there man. Well done.

  2. I can't grasp the back to back race days. My graphs wouldn't help either. Kudos to you for pulling it off. It's been a great year for you and I look forward to your future plans and the opportunity to race with you again.

  3. Jim,
    Nice job running up the big hill twice.

  4. Let's keep this momentum you've got going rolling right into Steamboat! Less than 4 weeks!