Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flatiron Vista - Steady

First run post-Pikes Peak double weekend. Eager to get out on the trails and moving again.

Time: 1:06
Distance: 8.53 miles
Effort: Moderate
Body: Average
Weather: Hot & Sunny

After two days off following the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon, I was starting to exhibit some trailrunning withdrawal symptoms...difficulty walking on pavement, twitchy leg muscles...etc... So, fortunately, the anodyne for this condition is simple and straight-forward: singletrack.

On the way home from work in Boulder, I stopped off at the convenient Flatiron Vista trailhead off Highway 93. After a quick change of clothes, I was heading off up the rocky dirt road bound for the Dowdy Draw trail. From the start, the legs felt a bit heavy with some residual weekend fatigue.

By the time I hit the gate just before the trail drops down the the west side of the open space, things were clicking. As I began the descent, I cruised by Tim L., who was running strong uphill. Was hoping to see him on the way back for a more proper hello, but he was on a different route, no doubt.

I followed Dowdy Draw and did a loop via the Spring Brook North and South trails. I ran up the north part of the loop, which offers one of the best views of the Flatirons and Eldorado Canyon around.

After the loop, I retraced my steps back up to the Flatiron Vista area, hung a right and ran through the woods then back down to the truck.

I was pretty happy with this run, one I did earlier this summer. That time, I ran it pretty hard in 1:06. I ran it today at a moderate pace (two days after a marathon) and was just two minutes slower.

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