Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pikes Peak Ascent - Quick Update

Managed a Pikes Peak Ascent PR, summiting in 2:56:30 and knocking 10 minutes or so off my previous best.  Came in 66th overall. I achieved my 3-hour goal (although I had hopes of breaking 2:50, or at least coming closer to it...still, I'm very pleased to have the 3-hour monkey off my back). Had a lot of calf cramping the last two miles - both calves. Never had that problem before. Saw some pics that Justin M. took near the top (see pics #99-102). The grimace on my face said it all. The cramping hurt.

Just saw online that I will get an age group award at the awards banquet this evening. I think I got fourth in the 40-44 age group - the same place/award as last year. 

Really enjoying running into familiar faces today...including, so far, Jim M., GZ, Homie, JV.

More later...

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  1. Nice job out there man. Now, like they say ... let's play 2.