Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ultra Adventuring

Boulder's Andrew Skurka this weekend set off on his latest, and most extreme and difficult, adventure - circumnavigating the state of Alaska. 4,700 miles in seven months via skiing, hiking and packrafting. Epic.

Follow the fun at Skurka's Web site.

Buzz Burrell did a write up here.

Here's the first updates from Skurka (taken from Buzz's write-up):

(Saturday morning): Just landed in kotz. -25 below; ouch. Intimidating landscape – snow and ice covered tundra, flat and windswept, no lights beyond village …
(Saturday evening): Motel tonight. Plan 34 mi push tomorrow to cabin. High to be 15 below; low, -25. Tough start: last wk, 75 deg in Mass. Confident I can do this.

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