Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Treadmill - Speedwork

Time: 1:00
Distance: 8 miles
Effort: Hard
Body: Fair
Weather: Indoors

A brilliant blue-sky morning gave way to a cold, gray, snowy afternoon. After such great weather this weekend, I wasn't up for slogging out mile repeats on a windswept chunk of pavement.  So, to the treadmill!

I did 2 miles of w/u at 8:00 pace, then 4x1 mile.  The first 3 mile repeats were at one percent incline (6:00, 5:52, 5:44). The last mile repeat was at 5:39 at no incline. Did 400m recovery in between the repeats, some jogging and the last one with some speed walking.  The 5:44 and 5:39 hurt. 1-mile c/d.  My legs felt flat the whole run. Nothing was easy.  Still, got it done and felt good afterwards.  Followed it up with 15 minutes of core work.

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