Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Jogging

Easy early afternoon jog around Elk Meadow Open Space.

Distance: 7.2 miles
Time: 1:04
Effort: Easy
Body:  Fair
Weather:  Sunny and warm(ish)

Completely uninteresting (compared to what, oh Exciting One!?) jog around the Meadow View loop at Elk Meadow Open Space.  Ran today with Steve F.  Definitely feeling the effects today of a series of lunges I did post-run yesterday. My ass glutes is are sore! Reminds me of how badly I need to get back to the gym now and then. That's what winter's for, I guess.

The easy pace had me looking around at a summer's worth of trail impacts.

The crushed gravel Painter's Pause trail, which already was a good four feet across and smooth, now has a hard dirt singletrack trail running alongside it, separated from the main trail by about three inches of grass.  Seeing that got me to wondering...why do people walk on the side of perfectly good, smooth, well-maintained trails?  Surely I'm not the only one that likes single track singletrack, am I?  Don't other people hate seeing braided trails?  Don't others' hearts sing when they see a single ribbon of dirt heading off through a meadow, over a hill or across a vast stretch of tundra?  Am I in the minority on this?

Which leads me to another question I've been wondered about for a while.  Why are there not regular volunteer trail days at individual JeffCo Open Space parks?  (I know they have occasional volunteer days  here and there, such as the recent one at North Table Mountain.) Elk Meadow has a resident ranger. That park is the centerpiece of North Evergreen.  Surely there are many people like me that would jump at the opportunity to donate some sweat equity several times a year to our beloved trails system.

820 feet o' elevation gain.


  1. I have wondered actually why the adopt a road system has not moved to certain segments of trail.

  2. I've noticed the separate trail thing, I'm guessing it's because bikers don't want to ride on gravel. Saw the same thing the other day at Boulder Valley Ranch.

    I always wonder why people who are out to exercise and enjoy the outdoors do massive damage to some trails by shortcutting switchbacks to shave off 10 feet of walking. Mind-boggling.

    I've thought about volunteering but am petrified of wrecking my back lifting a rock. I've seen such injuries last a lifetime and forever impact well-being. I know that's weak, because I'm sure I could find something else to do, such as adjust the volunteers' leg irons to make them more comfortable, or pass out gruel ;)

  3. LOL on that last line!

    Most of the people I've seen using the adjacent "trails" are hikers. Weirdness.

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