Thursday, November 3, 2011


There's little doubt that consistency is a key to running success.  I have been incredibly consistent lately when it comes to running.

The problem is that what's been consistent is my inconsistency.

Work/family commitments have kept me running in place...kid activities, work projects, board meetings, late nights, early mornings... It all adds up to fewer and fewer places to squeeze in the daily run.

So, I've been trying to make the most out of the times I can run.  Most runs, when they happen, fit into the "quality" category - tempo runs, intervals, long runs, etc...

Last week, for example, during a trip to Washington, D.C., I got in a nice 20-mile jog from my hotel up into the upper reaches of Rock Creek Park.  Two days later, on Tuesday, I ran did an eight-mile bike path run with 4x800-meter repeats (3:00; 2:50: 2:50; 2:39) in the middle.  Got in a couple local jogs, too.

So far this week I managed a 14-mile hilly jog on Sunday and the first treadmill workout since last winter.  I actually enjoyed the 'mill yesterday.  I did 2 miles@7:30 w/u followed by 1x1 mile at 5:49; 1x1 mile at 6:30; and, 1x2 miles at 7:30; 1x1 mile at 8:30 and wrapped it up with a half-mile speed hike at 14 percent grade. Nice workout, but I could feel effects of the inconsistency and depressed mileage. My plans to do three mile repeats under 6 were scrapped after the first one. My fitness is just too far off.  Felt good, though, to sweat. And, the local rec center has new treadmills. The one I used can go up to a 30 percent grade. Very solid, impressive machine, as treadmills go.

I realize I need to make a commitment to getting up and running early in the morning, at least on the day's when JP's and my schedules align and the early mornings are available. Consistency takes commitment...and that's what I need to work on.

Looking Ahead

I've also just begun thinking about what I want to do running-wise next year. I've been mulling over giving the Leadville 100 a shot. I remain interested in tackling a 100-mile race. I'm not excited about the course, but it's local(ish) and logistically much easier to manage.  By the time I make a decision, though, I'm sure the race will be filled.

I also might toss my hat again into the Wasatch 100 ring and see if the Lottery Gods like me this year.

Or, I might just stick with the marathon (Pikes Peak) and 50-mile distance (Run Rabbit Run). It's looking like I will not be around in June for a return to the San Juan Solstice. That's a bit of a bummer as I'm keen on trying to break 10 hours on the non-snow course.  There's a good chance, though, that I will run the Safaricom Marathon in Northern Kenya at the end of June instead. Fingers crossed on that one.

Time to go for a run.


  1. 1. Its the off season.

    2. Leadville welcomes you!

  2. Something that might be entertaining to you is the Leadville marathon (admittedly also considering it here).

  3. Too bad you won't be at SJS. That is one of my goal races for next year. After testing my (flatland) climbing legs on the alternate course this year, I feel a need to give that one - the real course? - a serious effort. Meanwhile, I will battling inconsistency here in the midwest.

  4. Leadville!

  5. Kenya is not a bad "second" choice....

  6. Re: Kenya. A good good friend of mine is there right now. Loves it, loves Africa in general. She spends a bunch of time there doing clean water education/advocacy stuff.

    Re: Leadville. I find that having ponied up for a race helps with my consistency. Can't imagine anything more motivational than a 100 miler, so I shelled out.

    I agree with you regarding the course. However, timing-wise (my wife has to travel to Portland at the beginning of August for work) and location wise (we can stay in Buffalo Creek and borrow a vehicle for the duration of our visit) Leadville fits perfectly.

    Have fun.