Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One of Those Runs...

Yesterday was one of those days out on the trails.  You know the kind...a day when the leg muscles feel way more impressive than they are...when one's endurance feels limitless...when you look forward to the hard parts...and time seems to fly by way too fast.  Yesterday was one of those days.

Distance:  6.46 miles
Time:  54 minutes
Effort:  Hard
Body:  Good
Weather:  Sunny and cool

I left the house planning on a hard effort.  I jogged about a mile to Elk Meadow Open Space and up the spur from the lower lot to the Painter's Pause Trail.  At the junction, I started five miles of alternating one minute hard, one minute easy.

The first couple hard minutes felt...hard, but soon I was in a rhythm and the hard minutes felt good and the easy minutes were simply time gaps between the fun stuff.  A few times I was tempted to keep rolling with the hard pace and skip the easy, but managed to stick with the plan for the 45 minutes (or so) of the 1/h x 1/e.

Ran an extended version of the Meadow View loop and finished up with a c/d jog through an adjacent neighborhood and down the hillside behind the house.  Had an enthusiastic greeting from Maya and Cisco, who were rambling around the newly-fenced backyard.

Felt just great after the run, as well.  One of those days...


  1. Great to hear. A trip up Bergen Peak is due.

  2. Rewind button. That's the first thing I think after such runs ;-)