Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday Tempo on Wednesday

I like alliteration, so I'm sticking with the Tuesday tempo run, even if I have to do it on Wednesday.

Distance: 8.2 miles
Time: 58:44
Effort: Hard
Body: Fair
Weather:  Sunny & Cool

Last week was the first decent week of consistent running since the mysterious neuropathy issue popped up following the mid-June San Juan Solstice 50.  It wasn't a big week mileage-wise, but it felt solid with six days on the trails.  It looked like this:  53.76 miles; 11:30; 12,578 feet o' elevation gain.

Following Sunday's 24-miler in the Lost Creek Wilderness, I was pretty whooped. Took Monday off to recover a bit. Ended up taking Tuesday off as well due to work/family schedule issues.  So, time to get after it a bit today.

Headed over to Teller Farms in Boulder to get in a bit of turn-over at a tempo effort.  The plan was to run tempo for 45 minutes.

Parked at the lot off of Arapahoe and started quick right off the bat due to time constraints.  I must admit to still feeling the effects of the Sunday run...even with two days off. The fitness is still proving to be elusive.

Did my best to hold a tempo pace along the old farm roads, past lakes, cows and fields.  Hit Valmont Road and ran a quarter mile west and picked up the continuation of the trail and proceeded on until about the four-mile mark.

Turned around and continued the tempo effort (if not pace) up to the 47-minute mark in the run (the extra two minutes to make up for a brief bathroom stop and having to wait on a flagman on Valmont Road (the whole road is being re-done).

Never felt good on the run, but got it done. Perfect running temps.

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  1. Run blah blah blah. We need pix of that new aussie.