Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Round-up - April 17 - 23rd

Feeling like I'm getting back to some consistency, despite a couple unscheduled days off this week. Nice mix of miles and quality.

Sunday:  Beaver Brook Parcel; 14.3 miles; 2:28 - Mid-day slog in chilly, windy conditions. Ran from Old Squaw Pass Road parking area down to reservoir and then explored the northwest part of this Forest Service/Clear Creek Open Space/State Land Board-owned collection of public lands. Eventually dumped off on Beaver Brook Canyon Road and ran this steep, narrow road up and over a ridge, then strung together a series of old mining roads to drop down into a new subdivision high above I-70 right around the intersection with Highway 6 at Clear Creek Canyon.  2,563 feet o' elevation gain.

Beaver Brook Reservoir. Run started at the cleft on the center horizon.
Looking down on I-70

Nice pair of ponderosas on Clear Creek County Open Space Land 
Not exactly OSMP-quality signage, but it works.

For a stretch of the run, I was tracking the elusive Colorado Yeti. That's my print on the right.

Upper meadow on a plateau above the reservoir
Monday: Washington, D.C.; 11 miles; 1:25 - Another trip to D.C. An early afternoon arrival meant I had the evening for a nice long run. Ran from hotel in Rosslyn area of Arlington along the Potomac, over Memorial Bridge then down the National Mall, through Capitol Hill and back.  The river was over its banks in one spot covering the bike path that runs along it. 206 feet o' elevation gain.

Tuesday: Arlington, VA; 10.51 miles; 1:22 - Ran three miles from hotel up the Custiss Trail bike path to Washington & Lee High School. Ran a 200-400-800-1600-800-400-200 ladder.  Felt very solid for the whole thing. Never had to dig deep.  The middle part went pace-wise like this 800 (5:35), 1600 (5:34), 800 (5:30).  Couldn't believe how easy it all felt (albeit, I only did one ladder). 3 miles c/d en route back to hotel in the dark. Sea level sweet it can be. 295 feet o' elevation gain.

Wednesday: Off - travel day.

Thursday: Off - (insert excuse here).

Friday: Alderfer-Three Sisters; 5.24 miles;  51 minutes - Squeezed in a brief dog run during an otherwise busy work day. Ran the outer loop from the lower parking lot. 846 feet o' elevation gain.

Saturday: Alderfer-Three Sisters; 18.25 miles; 3:12 - Woke up at 5:40 a.m. to a few inches of new snow with more still falling. Bagged plan to drive to Buffalo Creek. After going back to bed, remembered that Steve F. and Steve G. were running at Alderfer this morning. Pried the covers off and was soon parked near the start of the Dedisse Trail on the south side of Upper Bear Creek Road. There were a herd's-worth of footprints, including a couple sets of Newton prints, in the fresh snow, so I knew a group was up ahead. Started the climb at a steady pace, planning to follow the prints until I caught up.

At the top of the Dedisse climb, ran into Andrew A. He let me know the group was putting along not far ahead. After a brief chat to catch up, I was off. Caught the group of six or seven just past the lower Alderfer parking lot. I ran with the group for a while, but ran off the front as we climbed Evergreen Mountain. Did an extra circuit of the summit loop as the rest of the group made their way up. The rest of the run played out much the same. I was eager for the incentive to do the out-and-backs required to get 18 miles on this trail system, so I hung with the group, but usually ran ahead at a bit quicker pace and paused at trail junctions. We ran pretty much all the trails in the park, save for the Sisters Trail. Good amount of time on feet. Conditions were lousy. Probably wouldn't have stuck it out without the accountability implicit in a group run.  2,880 feet o' elevation gain.

Week Total - 59.13 miles; 9 hours and 19 minutes.  Mileage was relatively low thanks to the two days off. Still, happy with the week. All the niggles of late are under control. Energy was good. The track workout was a big mental boost given all the injury crap of late. Need to get the long run mileage back up. Better weather will help with that.

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