Friday, April 29, 2011

Remote Running

Two days off due to cramming for a last minute trip here.  Atoll ultrarunning, my new hobby.

Palmyra Atoll.  Note the unnaturally straight line in the center left of the pic.  The runway.


  1. Very freaking cool! Just spent the last 10 minutes reading up on Palmyra and Atolls. Upon your return, confirm/deny with us the amount of litter on the beaches.

  2. Very cool and interesting research!

  3. Wow. OK, I need to update my ideal fantasy place.

    Put Boulder, Durango or [insert cool college town here] outside of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah, add Pikes Peak, Mount Hood, and assorted mountains, next to the ocean of course, then throw in an atoll with some nice islands. Plus maybe Moab or Fruita for good measure :)

    That's all I want.