Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beaver Brook - Gudy Gaskill Trail

This has got to have been the LAST snow storm run of the first half of 2011! Conditions were lousy, but the vibe was great.

Time: 1:23
Distance: 8.01 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Good
Weather: Blizzard and chilly

Late afternoon run on Beaver Brook trail from trailhead on Mt. Vernon Country Club land near Ralston Elementary School in Genessee.  Started and ended with heavy, wet snow falling (these are the kind of conditions people who were glasses HATE).

Run starts with some double-track which leads to an access point for the Beaver Brook Trail. This section has some great views down into Clear Creek Canyon. Ran the Gudy Gaskill loop, which takes one around a small mountain (more big views down into the canyon).  Once back on the Beaver Brook Trail, I headed east to add on a couple miles before looping back to the trailhead via some old service roads and a couple of unmarked, but well-trod social trails.

There are some impressive forests and meadows hidden away on this little used parcel of open space and conservation easement lands (thanks Mt. Vernon!).

Ran this one with Maya. Perfect running companion today...hung close, waiting when she got out of sight on twisty sections. Fun!


  1. Gudy Gaskill is hard to find info on. Access from Beaver Brook trail is apparent, but just try to find info on Mt. Vernon area access. I tried instructions from the Denver Trail Runners but it went right through posted property. A bit of an odd area. Curious where you accessed from.

  2. Just before you go under the Mt. Vernon gate by Ralston Elementary School, (1/4 mile north of I-70 off the Genessee Exit) hang a left onto a dirt road. Follow it 'til it dead-ends (1/2 mile). Park here (mind the no parking signs). Run through the gate on the dirt road. Follow this for a mile or two (bear right uphill at the first kinda intersection). After a descent, you'll be at the place where the Beaver Brook Trail is accessed. Take this rocky trail down (3/4 mile) until you see the Gudy Gaskill sign. Make sense?

  3. Jim - It's been a few years, but if I can't find my way with your detailed instructions, I should just stay home :) Much appreciated.