Friday, April 8, 2011

Short Jog and a Close-by Fire

Extremely windy conditions and a tight schedule led to a short job at Elk Meadow. Shortly after I got home, a neighbor pointed out a fire just north of Elk Meadow.

Time:  33 minutes
Distance: 4 miles
Effort: Easy
Body: Fair
Weather: Warm & Very Windy

Easy jog in the southern part of Elk Meadow to test out the back. Interestingly (at least to me), the discomfort yesterday switched sides. Weird.

Anyway, felt it the whole jog. Legs felt spry, though.

Got home and took the kids up to the buried hill-top water tank up behind our house to look at a growing fire on a south-facing ridge immediately north of Elk Meadow Open Space.  Judging from what we could see, it appears the fire started along Highway 103 (Squaw Pass Road).  We saw a couple of trees burst into flames. Scary sight.  Lots of smoke now, all local fire crews have been called in to help.  This could be very bad.

Seems unlikely the fire would jump the road and affect Elk Meadow and the forests of Bergen Peak, but with the extreme winds we have up here today, one never knows.  We'll be closely watching this one.

Elk Meadow in the foreground. The Promontory subdivision is directly to the right of the fire.
Evacuation notices have been issued.

jP and CP looking down on Elk Meadow from buried 2 million gallon water tank west of our house.
Thanks to all the firefighters working this, and all the other fires this season.

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  1. That is way too close for comfort. Looked like the fire reached a few homes already. Hope they get it under control fast.