Saturday, July 10, 2010


  • Amazing run these past two days by Diana Finkel at the Hardrock 100. Nearly won the whole thing. Looks like Jared Campbell caught her in the last five miles or so. I wonder what Campbell and Finkel were thinking when the pass was made. Results here.  Post-race interview with Finkel. Her hands look pretty swollen.
  • Kilian Jounet going for the record on...Boulder's Mt. Sanitas!!?  This from Salomon's Facebook page:
Salomon running This kid is good at everything! Kilian just slacklined in Boulder with Scott Jurek and Tony Krupicka and did really well as a slacker virgin. Tomorrow he's taking Rickey Gates' dare and going for the record on Mt. Sanitas, which is Rickey's at 14:26. Go Kilian! --Proton

UPDATE:  Word, courtesy of Tony K. via Brandon F., is that Kilian lowered the FKT for Sanitas to 14:12. I wonder if Tony can lure Kilian to tackle Green too.  Hell, Kilian could leave a string of new FKTs in the Boulder area as a parting gift to the local running scene.

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  1. The FKTs I know for Green (from memory): 28:xx (Gates), 31:xx (Krupicka), 32:xx (Lucho)

    I think all of these are from Gregory: Amphi, Saddle, Greenman.